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About Elena Voss

In 2003, searching for happiness and harmony in my life I came across yoga.
I was interested in spiritual part of yoga and meditation and visualization were part of my everyday life.
I wanted to understand myself and the things around me, where happiness is and how to find it.
Yoga practice helped me to feel better, to improve my health, to see the inner treasures and to feel this happiness right here, in the sacred place, inside myself.
Yoga helped me to hear the inner voice and to listen to my heart, to respect my body and be aware of emotions, deal with negative emotions and transform them into positive, to see beauty of every day and live here and now.
Through yoga practice I reestablished connection to the Universal Energy and now I can enjoy this energy and harmony in my life.
I was so happy to have found yoga and I wanted to share my happiness with people around me, so in 2007 I did my Teacher Training, and now I am certified Yoga Teacher and I can share my yoga experience with others.
I was studying with such a teachers as: Paddy McGrath, Mohans, Arian Cox, David Life and Sharon Gannon, Grumukh and others.
I am also practicing Feng Shui and positive psychology.
My other interests are Ayurveda, Chinese medicine, healthy food, sports, travelling and language learning.